i was asked to do an e-card by someone my mum works with. i'm not too pleased with the drawing but the type is okay i guess.



Pencil illustrations for Garys band called Moat

moat 2


Lino print for Jakes band called Souls



been doing some work for some projects, desperately trying to stay motivated.

john brown

exhibition soon.


bit late i know. more tomorrow.


i have the internet again. new work up by sunday.
my band played with this band last night and i can't hear anything anymore. my band is playing with this band and this band next thursday at the old blue last and it will be the end of my life.


sitting in a park in holborn stealing internet from an office block. hardcore punk.
quick update. moved in.

no internet til probably october but i'm still emailing on my phone.


swamped with looking for a house. i have been doing a little bit of work but also trying to find somewhere to put my possessions in 2 weeks when i get kicked out. i think that one of these activities takes priority over the other, but only really because if i don't have the latter, how will i be able to do the former?


listen to dinosaur jr.


It is technically August right now. Gross.


trying drawing from imagination which i never do anymore.

ideas for an exhibition.

did a website; an online portfolio if you will. been sorting that.

need to start doing some live projects i guess. as if it's almost august.


been pretty ill of late. the band i am in played a show in nottingham on thursday, bryony put on a show at an archway in london bridge on friday, both were really loads of fun.



new stuff tomorrow and friday.


spending an equal amount of time feeling motivated and unimaginative recently.

"2nd press" of the demo currently under production

i just deleted 80 previous blog posts because i think its irrelevant to talk about hating humans and how much washing up there is to do here. having said that, i did see limp wrist on tuesday which was something that i honestly never thought would happen in my entire life and it was mind blowing and im seeing them again tomorrow.


today i got my assessment results back. i was pretty pleased with them, i managed to scrape a merit plus in one of the criteria, but i also fell into a pass on another but all in all it was okay. Derek asked if he could put my industry report in the final show which i'm really happy about because its not really for first year's work. me and tom are going to do some drawing over the weekend and try and make something nice that might also go into the exhibition.
i have more images from college work, of my last drawing project which didnt turn out as i had planned. later.
here is some photos from a roll of black and white ilford that i used between october 2007 and september 2008 that i only just got developed. there is a shop on brick lane that sends off black and white film and gets you a cd of the results for £7.50, which is kind of expensive but bearing in mind i dont have a dark room and i'm not that good in them anyway. more at flickr.


industry report

a bit quick and blurry pictures taken at 8:45 tuesday morning after 3 hours sleep before leaving the house to submit all my work from this term. everything that could have gone wrong with this, did go wrong with this. but it's done and i feel alright about it.

two really really fast things:


good mail:

bad mail:

bicycle lamps


old blue last:

ingested & dyscarnate.

andrew wk.

metal dave.


empire sketchbook

empire sketchbook

empire sketchbook

development work from narrative illustration project. illustrating for a short story called "empire" by Richard Ford. a man is on a train with his wife to see her sister who is in an asylum. he recounts stories including one about committing adultery while his wife was in hospital. he then sleeps with another woman he meets on the train. not really sure where im going with this anymore, i was really motivated yesterday but today im totally blank.


london zine symposium 2009, good haul.


marijuana is a drug