this is my dream.


if you havnt seen this

you wont understand this

ave satanas.


02:28 - 11:53


really not into when you spend so much time on some work and it comes out and you dont realllly even want anyone to see? im not into posting my work on the internet really so you'll just have to imagine a drawing of the front entrance of the v&a. although without the revolving doors because the source i used was from flickr taken in 2006 and not my camera. i maybe spent 10 hours on one drawing this weekend. if this is what the future holds, fuck my life.
happy birthday to jake yesterday swift hands looked a bit like just blood.

i think this blog is by spencer but maybe its not. it has a good interview they did and a richie jackson video maybe hes one of the best skateboarders in the world.
fuck the next few days i have to do a presentation in front of the head of branding and the head of design at the V&A. bummer.

however mid blog i decided to go and take a picture of the snow and it turned into the best moment of 2009 for sure. snowball fight after school today, pack it fucking hard, throw it at your face.